Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Staying Put for Awhile

Since our last communique, the next day since we had the golf cart all day Sunday we did some further exploring of Green Turtle.  The island isn’t that large but it still has a lot of places to checkout from the bluff near the old Bluff House Restaurant overlooking the Sea of Abacos toward the south and west, to the other side of the island on the north looking out onto Coco Bay, to around the corner on the northeast side looking out onto the Atlantic.  Pretty rough out there.  More on that situation later.

The roads here are semi-improved outside of New Plymouth where they are concrete.  Realize we are talking the width of two (2) golf carts.  Outside of the town they are somewhat rough plus the speed of a golf cart isn’t that fast.  Fortunately someone has marked the larger potholes so that you have time to either slow down or avoid them.  Otherwise it is like riding a bar room bull, not that we have ever tried that.  Oh, did I mention that you drive on the left here?

Yesterday we made a command decision to stay put here for a while longer.  This was decided because the wind will increase over the next few days from the north and east making a passage out into the ocean somewhat dicey.  No sense in taking a chance and since we are not in a hurry we’ll stay here.  Time to wash some clothes and soak up some sun.

Since we are on a mooring ball instead of at a dock we are relearning to be frugal when it comes to water consumption.  A tidbit for fellow Island Packet owners; on our Island Packet 37 one (1) inch of depth in the water tank equals ten gallons of water.  We learned this when we had to change the float on the water gage.

Electricity is another consideration.  We don’t have a problem in this area since we have a wind generator and a solar panel to keep our batteries charged and over the years we have learned to live within the power budget our system is capable of producing.  Living of the grid has its challenges but it can be accomplished.

We’ll try to embed a few photos this post to see how that goes.  We haven’t tried that.
And lastly we expanded our Overall Trip Map to include our entire 2016 journey from our departure at Cambridge, MD up through Gaithersburg, MD to visit our son and daughter-in-law Aaron & Jordan, down to Charleston for all our check-ups, and then down to Ft. Pierce via auto then  our aboard time getting over to here. 

Many thanks to Hayden Cochran for his help fixing the coding for this map as well as he and Radeen’s inspiration for this overall blog.  Theirs at islandspirit35blogspot.com is awesome.  They are dedicated cruisers and have provided a tremendous amount of support in a variety of ways to the overall Island Packet community.

Gerry & Larry

s/v Galileo


  1. Looks great Mom and Dad! The pictures turned out too!

  2. We are always happy to help out, You guys look great, and life on a cruising sailboat is a dream life. We are so glad you are out here. No need for any schedule, just take each day one day at a time.