Monday, February 29, 2016

On the Move

Okay folks, we are about to get underway to the Bahamas.  Our first leg will be from here in Ft. Pierce, Florida to behind Peanut Island near Lake Worth, Florida a distance of about 45 miles.  We may accomplish this in one hop from here to there if we go out in the ocean.  We could do it also in one (1) day going down the ICW but since we are not in a hurry we probably will take two (2) days.  The weather may not cooperate to allow us to go out in the ocean over the next few days so we will probably go down the ICW.  (Well that changed. We went from Ft. Pierce to Manatee Pocket/Port Salarno on the ICW and then tomorrow we plan on going outside from St. Lucie Inlet down to Lake worth and avoid six (6) bridges.  Everyone loves to avoid bridges.  Saves a lot of time and hassles and we will be away from the ICW also.)

Since our last communique we have been working on the boat and provisioning her for the trip.  It does take time as one thing inevitably leads to another and another and another, but since were are not on a fixed schedule we just take our time.  Everything went well going well, no major glitches.
When we get to Peanut Island it looks like we can then cross over to the West End of Grand Bahama Island on Wednesday, March 2, 2016.  After this week it sounds like the winds would not be in our favor to cross for quite a while.  This area is referred to as the Abacos which extend further East by about 120 miles or so and that is where will be for about the next two (2) months.  We’d like to spend time in Hope Town so that will be our ultimate destination.  From the West End, Grand Bahama Island another three (3) to five (5) days minimum would be required to make that distance, but since we plan on stopping at a couple of places along the way either for the night or a day or two (2,) especially at Green Turtle Key (Cay, Island) no doubt we will take longer.  A stopover at Marsh Harbor will also occur.

Our Spot map on the right side of our blog will tell you where we are located along the way.

You can also click on the Overall Trip Map link and see our entire trip.
When we arrive at the West End we will give you an update on how our crossing went.

Until then,

Gerry & Larry

s/v Galileo

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

On the Move

Hello all,

After leaving Galileo in Ft. Pierce, FL last September we drove home to Maryland thru Atlantic Beach, NC to visit with Shana, Josh and Sabin, then attended a family wedding in Maryland and then another in Indiana and then returned to Galileo in November to test out our new sails from Mack Sails.

We then spent a delightful holiday season back in Maryland with family and friends.  Shana, Aaron, Josh, Jordan and Sabin visited and we all enjoyed each others company.  Sabin is growing in leaps and bounds and was almost walking.  Nowadays watching him on FaceTime he is really mobile.

As you can see from our SpotWalla Map we are on the move.  Left Cambridge on Monday afternoon to see Aaron and Jordan in Germantown, MD for dinner and catching-up with each other since last week-end.  Had a lovely evening with them as always.

Next day we departed for Charleston, SC in the midst of hopefully our last winter snow storm for our scheduled stopover there to see some of our medical care providers.  All is well in that regard so we are now relaxing.  Being foodies we love Charleston.

On Friday we leave for Ft. Pierce to get Galileo ready for sailing over to the Abacos for March and April.  We have a few chores to accomplish before being ready to shove off, but more on those efforts later from Ft. Pierce.

Gerry & Larry
Team Galileo