Wednesday, February 10, 2016

On the Move

Hello all,

After leaving Galileo in Ft. Pierce, FL last September we drove home to Maryland thru Atlantic Beach, NC to visit with Shana, Josh and Sabin, then attended a family wedding in Maryland and then another in Indiana and then returned to Galileo in November to test out our new sails from Mack Sails.

We then spent a delightful holiday season back in Maryland with family and friends.  Shana, Aaron, Josh, Jordan and Sabin visited and we all enjoyed each others company.  Sabin is growing in leaps and bounds and was almost walking.  Nowadays watching him on FaceTime he is really mobile.

As you can see from our SpotWalla Map we are on the move.  Left Cambridge on Monday afternoon to see Aaron and Jordan in Germantown, MD for dinner and catching-up with each other since last week-end.  Had a lovely evening with them as always.

Next day we departed for Charleston, SC in the midst of hopefully our last winter snow storm for our scheduled stopover there to see some of our medical care providers.  All is well in that regard so we are now relaxing.  Being foodies we love Charleston.

On Friday we leave for Ft. Pierce to get Galileo ready for sailing over to the Abacos for March and April.  We have a few chores to accomplish before being ready to shove off, but more on those efforts later from Ft. Pierce.

Gerry & Larry
Team Galileo

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  1. Lovely writing Mom and Dad. Thanks for the update. Love this!