Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Crossing Success

Between NOAA Weather, Chris Parker of Marine Weather Central, and Marv’s Weather the information all pretty much agreed that today was the best day to go across the Gulf Stream.  Over the next few days conditions will deteriorate and then over the weekend (while the northeast may get another pounding) and all next week winds will shift around to the north and east and make crossing toward the East very difficult if not downright unpleasant.  Not wanting to experience that situation we opted to go today.

We positioned ourselves last night in Lake Worth as close to the inlet as possible where we could find a suitable anchorage, ate dinner, and went to sleep by 7:30 pm.  This morning we awoke at 3:00 am and departed our anchorage at 3:30 am.  Some had already left and others left afterwards.  Last year we departed from Ft. Lauderdale thinking that we could really get a boost from the Gulf Stream heading northeast toward West End.  Not so took 13 hours. Distance was something like 82 miles as I recall.  This year from Lake Worth at 57 miles straight across to West End took only 9 ½ hours. Much better all around.

Gulf Stream crossing was pleasant.  Nothing worse than a fall day on the Chesapeake Bay.  Light chop and long swells.  We alternated every so often and even though we awoke a 3:00 am this morning we were not tired when we arrived at 1:30 today.  We cleared customs, fueled, and got into our slip assignment for the night.

As always Gerry prepared a scrumptious dinner and we feasted aboard.

Out Spot Gen 3 device works great to provide the location information you see either on this page or through the “Overall Trip” link below the map on the right.

Tomorrow we will head on over to Great Sal Cay, then onto Green Turtle Cay the next day for a few days over the weekend.  We might have to wait there before we can cross over a location called the Whale Cut which requires you to go out into the ocean around Whale Cay and then on its East side cross back into the Sea of Abacos.  If there is any high winds coming in from the ocean this cut can be dangerous so we may have to play a waiting game.  Oh well Green Turtle Cay is a great place so that won’t be too bad.

Tomorrow we will be totally off the grid until we get to Green Turtle Cay.  No cell coverage between here and there (110 miles).  So, you won’t be hearing from us again probably until late Friday or sometime Saturday.

Weather is nice and pleasant, T’s and shorts and light shirts.  Plenty of sun and it is not expected to rain for the next week or so.

We will be in touch in a few days.

Gerry & Larry
s/v Galileo